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Guidance and resources for managing prescriptions

Managing costs of medication is often expensive, frustrating, and confusing. Many programs provide direct patient assistance to alleviate these challenges. The following programs are committed to helping patients access resources for prescription costs.


Consider prescription assistance programs

The following organizations may be able to provide financial and educational assistance:


Consult with your pharmacist

Local pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) may be able to provide information on programs for discounted medications.


Ask your doctor

Doctors offices may have samples available to cover the gap until you apply for an assistance program.


Don’t give up

If you have medication insurance and your insurer has denied coverage of prescribed treatment, you should still contact an assistance program. The assistance program might still provide assistance once they confirm you have been denied coverage.

What are co-pay cards?

Co-pay cards may be offered to eligible patients to help them reduce out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs and can be used at local pharmacies and with some mail-order prescription programs. Co-pay cards can be used by patients who have private/commercial insurance, but they cannot be used for prescription drugs that are available for reimbursement by a federal or state healthcare program, such as Medicaid/Medicare. Oftentimes drug manufacturers provide co-pay cards to reduce the cost of certain medications that are preferred by patients and their providers. Consult with your provider or pharmacist to get more information.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

While the Autoimmune Association can’t provide direct financial assistance, we can help connect you to the right organization that may be able to assist.