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Scientific research brings us closer to a world without autoimmune disease

The Autoimmune Association’s mission is to improve the lives of those affected by autoimmune disease through awareness, education, advocacy, and research. That includes reducing time to diagnosis, improving treatment, and finding a cure. Autoimmune Association connects researchers to facilitate scientific exchange and funds research to support scientists at every stage of their career.

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The Autoimmune Association sponsors physician conferences and symposia to encourage collaboration in research and cross-fertilization of treatment approaches, scientific knowledge, and pharmaceutical advancements. Autoimmune Association also sponsors public seminars for patients and their families.

  • The Autoimmune Association organizes and funds two Noel R. Rose Scientific Colloquiums per year, leading to many break-throughs in autoimmune research. Rose’s pioneering research was instrumental in establishing the concept of autoimmune disease. It helped immunologists understand that the immune system is capable of directing a response against healthy tissues and organs.
  • Autoimmune Association has successfully sponsored national and international scientific symposia and colloquia, as well as co-sponsored scientific meetings with
    • The National Institutes of Health: one of the world’s foremost medical research centers
    • American College of Rheumatology: committed to improving the care of patients with rheumatic disease and advancing the rheumatology subspecialty
    • Clinical Immunology Society: devoted to fostering developments in the science and practice of clinical immunology
    • American Physiological Society: cooganized a webinar series – Inflammation & Immunophysiology: An Exploration of Pathophysiology
  • Autoimmune Association sponsors Johns Hopkins Autoimmunity Day, bringing together researchers from many different disciplines to study autoimmune disease.
    • As a result of this program, several researchers from different specialties are now working together on research projects, and two laboratories have joined together in their research projects.

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With your support we can continue to drive towards a better tomorrow for autoimmune patients around the world.