The Autoimmune Association advocates for equitable and sustainable access to care.

The Autoimmune Association Advocates for Policies Important to People Living with Autoimmune Disease and Their Families

The Autoimmune Association unites critical stakeholders and leads initiatives to protect and improve key policies in the federal and state arenas that are critical to the health and well-being of people living with autoimmune disease and their families. Autoimmune Association supports an array of stakeholders that collectively deliver care and innovate for new and more effective treatments.

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We’re fighting for legislation that protects and enables access to care.

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2023 Virtual Legislative Lobby Day

Join autoimmune patient advocates nationwide on March 29, 2023, for the National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups’ first virtual Congressional Fly-in Day. Advocates will meet virtually with legislators and staff to discuss important issues, including improving patient access and research funding. Whether you’re a veteran advocate or looking to get involved in legislative advocacy for the first time, this is an incredible opportunity to make a difference for the autoimmune patient community.

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The Methotrexate Access Dilemma

Since the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, the Autoimmune Association has heard concerns from patients about their ability to access prescribed methotrexate. The decision, which overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling protecting the right to abortion under the constitutional right to privacy, has consequences for some people who take methotrexate for autoimmune diseases and for those who prescribe it.

Methotrexate is a medication often prescribed for patients with autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis, inflammatory myositis, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Separately, methotrexate, in significantly higher doses than what is prescribed for people with autoimmune diseases, may also be used to terminate a pregnancy. In states where laws banning or severely restricting the termination of pregnancies have already taken effect, some autoimmune patients are reporting difficulty filling their prescriptions for methotrexate. It is important that we understand the extent of and details about these challenges.

If you are having difficulty getting your medication, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected].

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