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About the Autoimmune Partnership Council

The Autoimmune Partnership Council (APC) brings together companies, organizations, researchers, providers, payers, patient groups, and industry participants to address key issues in raising awareness of autoimmune diseases, improving the treatment experiences and quality of life for patients with all types of autoimmune disorders, and promoting cross talk among researchers who work in the different specialty areas in autoimmune diseases.

The meetings and discussions of the APC inform Autoimmune Association’s capacity to identify issues, strategies, and tactics to advance its own activities, as well as to guide actions as founder and facilitator for the National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups (NCAPG). Begun by Autoimmune Association in 1995, NCAPG meets quarterly to discuss issues affecting the autoimmune community. Coalition meetings embrace topics that include research and science, public policy, and other key topics. Fifty national single-disease autoimmune patient groups participate and that number is growing.

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Funding & engagement opportunities

Autoimmune Association encourages active corporate partnerships and offers many ways to support our programming and to reach a growing audience of 145,000. Browse our programs below and learn more about how your organization can support autoimmune patients.

Why fund a program?

Autoimmune Association is the world’s leading nonprofit dedicated to autoimmune awareness, education, advocacy, and research. Your support is essential to moving the needle for the autoimmune community. We are committed to helping patients reduce the time to diagnosis, access affordable care, improve quality of life, and provide resources at every step of their journey. With your support we can continue to drive towards a better tomorrow for autoimmune patients across the country and around the world.

Inaugural Autoimmune Summit

The Autoimmune Virtual Summit unites a broad network of stakeholders in the autoimmune community to educate and empower those living with autoimmune disease, their families, caregivers, and champions. While this is an inaugural event, the Autoimmune Association’s virtual events have historically drawn over 5,000 patients to participate.

Patient-centered healthcare providers, partners, and autoimmune advocates will address:

  • Path to an Autoimmune Diagnosis
  • Addressing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Drug Development & Clinical Trials
  • Challenges & Opportunities in Rare Disease
  • Past, Present, Future of Autoimmune Treatment
  • Advocacy 101/Policy Issues Impacting Autoimmune Patients
  • Access, Affordability, Navigating Insurance
  • Autoimmune Disease & Fertility/Pregnancy

Let My Doctors Decide

Let My Doctors Decide (LMDD) is a national partnership of leaders across health care working in support of a simple goal: treatment decisions should always be made by patients and trusted health care professionals, not insurance companies or pharmacy benefit managers.

The campaign urges policymakers, employers, and insurers to adopt a set of straightforward principles that address the barriers that prevent patients and doctors from making treatment decisions.

This includes changes at the national and state levels that improve benefit design and ensure coverage that empowers provider decision making, promotes access and adherence, and addresses affordability.

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The Autoimmune Association relies on generous contributions through workplace giving, the process of making automatic donations through your employer’s payroll system. It is a simple and cost efficient way to donate to the Autoimmune Association.