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Young Adult Advisory Council

The Autoimmune Association seeks enthusiastic and dedicated young individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 to join our Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC). The YAAC is vital to our organization, providing valuable insights, recommendations, and advocacy for young adults with autoimmune diseases. Council members will play a crucial role in helping us understand the unique needs of autoimmune patients in their age group and devising strategies to support them in navigating life. The Autoimmune Association seeks dedicated young individuals to join our Young Adult Advisory Council (YAAC) for a one-year commitment beginning March 1, 2024.

Why Join?

Healthcare settings often overlook the needs of teens and young adults, focusing primarily on children or adults. The YAAC aims to bridge this gap by addressing the challenges faced by young people with autoimmune diseases. Your experiences make you experts on what matters most to young adults navigating their autoimmune journey.

As a member of the YAAC, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Connect: Forge meaningful connections with peers living with autoimmune diseases.

Empower: Advocate for the autoimmune community by sharing your unique perspectives, ideas, and experiences.

Advise: Provide valuable insights and recommendations to shape the Autoimmune Association’s programs and initiatives.

Prepare for the Future: Develop leadership skills and become future leaders who can continue to drive positive change within the association.

Your Voice Matters

Joining the YAAC gives you a platform to help identify and communicate the unique needs of youth in patient education, resources, communications, and support for those living with autoimmune diseases. Whether it’s navigating peer pressure, managing school and extracurricular responsibilities, or exploring career opportunities, your insights can significantly impact the lives of young people with autoimmune conditions.

We invite you to apply to join the Autoimmune Association’s Young Adult Advisory Council today!


Contact Colleen Kmiecik at [email protected].

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Applications are due February 23, 2024.