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Living with an autoimmune disease can bring with it feelings of confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and more. You are not alone in these feelings, nor this journey. The Autoimmune Association Family is here to assist with tools and resources along the way.

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Coping tools

When you or a loved one are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, it is normal to question your well-being and ability to cope with the life changes that are part of living successfully –with any serious chronic illness.

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Learn more about specific diseases

With over 100 autoimmune diseases and many occurring in clusters, familiarizing yourself with the various autoimmune diseases is a great way to increase your autoimmune understanding.

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The faces of autoimmunity

For many, the reminder that they are not alone in their experiences with autoimmune disease can be incredibly valuable. Share your story to make an impact and raise awareness.

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Karen J.

Hemolytic anemia
"It's important for our own mental well-being to have contact with others who have shared experiences. There is strength...

Lisabeth I.

"If you are struggling with autoimmune disease, become empowered-- immerse yourself in reliable information from trusted...

Hannah L.

Patient Support
"My biggest challenge with my autoimmune journey was accepting that the rest of my life would look different than what I...

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