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You’re not alone

Obtaining a diagnosis, navigating treatments, and managing flares can be challenging. No matter where you are in your autoimmune journey, connecting with others can prove invaluable to your wellbeing.

How can a community help me?

Connect with others who understand your challenges, celebrate your victories, and help you navigate your autoimmune journey. One of the greatest strengths of the autoimmune community is our ability to come together to support each other, listen to each other, and champion each other. Finding connections can make a world of difference, and we encourage you to take the first step. Connect with others in our autoimmune support group on Inspire!

Tips for finding the right support group

You may not sit next to someone (whether in-person or online) with the same disease, but you may face the same types of challenges. Many types of support groups exist, and you may try a few before you find the right fit. Get started today and connect with other people with similar experiences.


Connect on social media sites to find online groups and forums. Many Facebook groups connect those living with autoimmune disease.


Contact health, religious, or other locally based organizations.


Contact social workers or social services, these can be found at local hospitals.


Check with your local hospital; many offer a general support group for persons with chronic illnesses. 

Find your support group through an Autoimmune Association coalition partner

Autoimmune Association works closely with disease-specific organizations through our National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups. Connect with people who have shared interests and find your community.