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Supporting the Office of Autoimmune Disease Research

Federal Focus on Autoimmune Disease Research: Building Toward the Future

Autoimmune disease is on the rise. The overall cost to patients, caregivers and society is increasing. While there are remarkable advances in research occurring every day, there is still no cure. Learn how the Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, an office established by Congress within the National Institutes of Health, will offer a path forward by coordinating resources, research and functioning as a strategic, centralized nexus to help fight autoimmune disease. Overarching recommendations from the report include:

  • Identification of a working, consensus definition of autoimmunity
  • Establishment of comprehensive, standardized autoimmune registries
  • Coordinated research around an overall strategic action plan that maximizes resources and technological breakthroughs.

Read the press release form the National Institutes of Health.


Autoimmune Association Spring
Watch: Learn about the genesis of the Office of Autoimmune Disease Research, why it is important to the future of autoimmune research, what impacts it will have on patients, and the important role it will play for accelerating discoveries in understanding, treatment, and prevention.

Enhancing NIH Research on Autoimmune Disease
Read: National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM)’s assessment of the autoimmune disease research portfolio of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and recommendations.

Fred Miller EAG

How Can We Curb the Autoimmune Epidemic? New Paper Suggests a Path Forward

Dr. Frederick Miller, a current NIH Scientist Emeritus and former head of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Environmental Autoimmunity Group, presents a concise review of the current state of autoimmunity, the drivers, and potential solutions for how to improve outcomes.

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Consensus Study Report

Read the original National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Consensus Study Report.

Briefing Document

Read the Autoimmune Association’s Briefing Document on the history and establishment of the Office of Autoimmune Disease Research. Coming soon!