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Commonly asked questions about autoimmune diseases

 Autoimmune diseases are often misunderstood and a diagnosis leads to a multitude of new questions. Autoimmune Association connects you with the information and resources you need on your patient journey. Read our FAQs to learn more about connecting to patient care, clinical trials and more.

Where can I find more information about patient support groups?

Organizations in our National Coalition of Autoimmune Patient Groups may offer specific support groups to help you navigate your autoimmune journey.

Where can I find financial assistance?

While Autoimmune Association does not provide funding for individuals, the organizations listed on this page may be able to help.

What type of specialist do I need?

We encourage you to work with a specialist for specific questions regarding treatment and diagnosis. These resources may be helpful to connect you with healthcare providers:

Where can I find information about clinical trials?

Visit for the latest studies.

Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine and is it safe?

Autoimmune Association encourages you to talk to your healthcare provider about the COVID-19 vaccine. You can find our Autoimmune Newscast, Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?, and other helpful resources here.



Where can I find more information about the different autoimmune diseases?

There are many different types of autoimmune disease. Visit our comprehensive Autoimmune Disease List for information about each specific disease.