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Autoimmune research initiatives

The Autoimmune Association convenes scientists, physicians, and researchers from across disciplines to explore the root cause of autoimmunity in an effort to unlock breakthrough treatments and someday, cures.

The Autoimmune Association focuses on science to improve patient care

The Autoimmune Association’s mission is to improve the lives of those affected by autoimmune disease through awareness, education, advocacy, and research. That includes reducing time to diagnosis, improving treatment, and finding a cure. Autoimmune Association connects researchers to facilitate scientific exchange and funds research to support scientists at every stage of their career.


The Autoimmune Research Network (ARNet) is a community that empowers patients by facilitating their participation in autoimmune research and clinical trials. Share your experience by answering an initial health survey that will help the Autoimmune Association unlock insights and get monthly updates on new research opportunities that might be a fit for you. Information shared with ARNet will be stored securely. Only the anonymized data will be made available for researchers to query.

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Dr. Noel Rose Scientific Colloquium Program

For more than 20 years, pioneering and pre-eminent autoimmunity researcher and 2019 Golden Goose honoree, Dr. Noel Rose, has spearheaded AA’s Scientific Colloquia program to provide the nation’s leading researchers in autoimmune and related diseases to convene and discuss their individual work and opportunities together. Dr. Rose organizes two colloquia each year on topics of unique interest to autoimmune researchers and the autoimmune community.

Key thought leaders important to advancing the understanding of autoimmune disease attend the colloquium. At each meeting, speakers present research areas and discuss new research ideas.

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How ARNet works

Learn more about how the ARNet database works, how data is gathered, and how it’s used.

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