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Autoimmune research network – ARNet

The Autoimmune Research Network (ARNet) is an autoimmune disease patient registry that empowers patients by facilitating their participation in research and clinical trials. Patient registries are online databases created to look for patterns in treatments, side effect management and diagnostics that may lead to improved treatment options and outcomes for patients. Together, we’re accelerating the pathway to breakthrough treatments and someday, cures.

Accelerating clinical research participation through collaboration

By joining ARNet and sharing your experiences, you’re giving researchers access to key data that will help make critical discoveries. Personal health information is stored safely and securely through the completion of surveys and all information shared with researchers is anonymized. The survey includes questions about the patient, their medical history, and current health.

How ARNet works

Learn more about how the ARNet database works, how information is gathered and securely stored, and how it impacts research.

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Why is ARNet Important?


Patient registries drive research and clinical trials

ARNet aggregates data from patients across autoimmune therapeutic areas to unlock insights and trends in autoimmune research.


Connecting patients and researchers

Patient registries bridge the gap between patients and researchers by delivering relevant clinical trial opportunities to “research ready” patients.

You have the power to accelerate research

Join the ARNet community to help drive research and clinical trials.


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