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Applying for disability benefits with autoimmune disease

Due to the complexity and severity of autoimmune disease, it can seriously affect our ability to work and even prevent us from maintaining employment. The Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes this fact and makes disability payments available to those who meet certain eligibility standards associated with their disorder. This monthly income is intended to help us meet our financial obligations when we are unable to work due to a disability. To apply visit,

Tips for applying for disability benefits


Determine if you qualify

Consult the Disability Evaluation Listing of Impairments. Section 11 may be particularly helpful.


Understand the process

Consult the official website for information about how to apply, what is needed to apply, and what happens after you apply here.


Review the checklist for application

This printable list will help you gather the information needed to apply. You’ll need information about doctors, medical tests, medications, job history and it is helpful to have this information on hand to complete the online application.


Anticipate a few months for a decision

It can take about five months to be approved for disability benefits, so it may help your plans to anticipate this timeframe.

Share your autoimmune story

Have you experienced challenges at work due to your autoimmune disease? Share your story with us and help inspire others!