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Digital tools to help manage your health

Technology can be a great asset in managing your health. The following apps help track things like symptoms and medications, especially when you’re on the go. Whether you’re at home, work, or a doctor’s appointment, you can access your historical symptoms, triggers, medications, and more. Many more apps are available – just search the app store with keywords such as “pain management.”


Pain management through education, condition tracking, and personalized reports. For more information:

Medisafe Medication Management

See drug-to-drug interaction warnings about how your meds might conflict, as well as easily import your meds and prescriptions.

WebMD Pain Coach App

One of the most popular apps for chronic pain management is made by reliable and trusted resource of medical information – WebMD

Aila Health

Precision health platform empowering chronic illness patients with personalized health at home.

CareClinic: Tracker, Reminder

Use for tracking pain, chronic illness, and mental health.


Mymee figures out the triggers causing your symptoms, so you can take control of your disease and reclaim your health.

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