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Meet Judy H.

“We all have a choice as to whether we see our glass as half empty or half full.”

What has been your biggest challenge on your autoimmune journey?

Intellectually, the hardest thing has been understanding the complexities of living with multiple, interacting autoimmune diseases. Emotionally, it has been accepting the limitations these diseases impose on me so that I can still find joy and beauty and vitality in my life.

What has been instrumental in helping you navigate and adapt to living with autoimmune disease(s)?

So many things! The love and support of family and friends. The knowledge and compassion and commitment of doctors and other medical personnel. Meditation. Play. Laughter. Exercise. Connecting with nature.

What advice would you give someone who is struggling with an autoimmune disease(s)?

Learn as much as you can about your disease(s). Learn how to listen to your own body, and accept and respect its needs. Live healthy. Join an in-person support group if possible, or an online community.

Why is it important for those who are living with a specific autoimmune condition to join together and raise awareness about autoimmune diseases as a category?

None of us could survive without our immune systems, and those of us with autoimmune diseases need to learn how to survive with an aberrant immune system. Knowledge is power, and community enhances that power. We are better together.

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