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Purple Playas Announces a New Resource for Children Living with Chronic Illness.

The Purple Playas Coping Kit includes various items to teach kids coping skills through feelings, self-regulations, problem solving and solutions.

“As children open the Purple Playas Coping Kit, SMILES full of JOY light up their faces! Our kits are a home run…bringing excitement to families, engaging children in interactive materials, and educating through hands-on tools. It is important for children to have opportunities to process their chronic illness through medical play, and for us to help them cope.” – The Purple Playas Foundation

The Purple Playas Coping Kit includes our mascot, the Purple Puff, an “I am BRAVE” patch, a story, an ice/warm pack, bandages, a folder with plastic pockets for patch storage, a power cape (for younger kids), a fidget toy (for older kids), and several visual supports to practice and cue coping techniques through feelings, self-regulations, problem solving and solutions.

There are several ways you can get or gift a Purple Playas Coping Kit. Visit the Purple Playas SMILES Store

You will see an instructional video along with information and instructional guide that will walk you through all the components of the Coping Kit. If you want to Gift a Coping Kit to a Kiddo, you can

    1. Donate anonymously to a child on our Purple Playas SMILES Store
    2. Purchase one for $55.50 and send it as a gift.
    3. Get one for FREE at one of our Purple Playas affiliate locations:


      • Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Rheumatology
      • Nemours Children’s Hospital, Jennifer Lynn Schott Childhood Arthritis Clinic
      • St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, Chronic-Complex Clinic
      • UF Health Shands Hospital, Child Life


      • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Pediatric Rheumatology

If you are unable to get one from the affiliates and cannot afford to purchase one, you can ask to be added to the  Coping Kits Donors’ List by sending your child’s name, age, and address to

If you want to receive Purple Playas Coping Kits for a Pediatric Care Setting, visit our Affiliate Healthcare Facilities and Professionals Registration and please sign up:

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