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Make a Difference During Autoimmune Awareness Month

molly murray president ceo
Written by Molly Murray, President and CEO, Autoimmune Association

Autoimmune Awareness Month – observed every March – aims to increase understanding and awareness of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases are a group of disorders in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks and damages its own tissues. There are over 100 known autoimmune diseases, from well-known conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, to less common and often underdiagnosed diseases such as myositis and antiphospholipid syndrome. It’s estimated that around 50 million people in the United States alone have an autoimmune disease. And unfortunately, it’s on the rise – creating an even stronger need to bring more attention to these conditions.

During Autoimmune Awareness Month and all year long, we can all make a difference by raising awareness for autoimmune disease. The more we talk about it, the better we can advance research, understand how to diagnose and to treat it, create hope, and ultimately end it.

The Importance of Raising Awareness

Despite their prevalence and impact on people’s lives, autoimmune diseases are often misunderstood and underdiagnosed. Raising awareness for autoimmune diseases is crucial to improve diagnosis and treatment and reduce the impact of these diseases on individuals, families, and society. Ongoing research is exploring various avenues to better understand and treat autoimmune diseases, but more needs to be done to address this growing health crisis.

Advance Research

Raising awareness can lead to advancements in research. By bringing more attention to autoimmune disease, we can generate interest among researchers and increase funding for studies. Research is critical to understanding autoimmune diseases and developing effective treatments. These diseases are complex and multifaceted, and there is still much to learn about their causes and mechanisms. Through research, we can identify new treatment options and improve disease management. Moreover, research can help reduce the stigma surrounding autoimmune diseases by providing evidence-based knowledge.

Improve Diagnosis

Many autoimmune diseases have symptoms that are easily mistaken for other conditions, making them challenging to diagnose. As a result, people may suffer for years before receiving an accurate diagnosis, which can lead to irreversible damage to the body. By raising awareness, we can encourage people to seek medical attention early, which can significantly improve their prognosis and quality of life. Additionally, we can encourage the medical community to learn more about autoimmune disease, leading to earlier diagnosis.

Build a Supportive Community

Another goal of raising awareness for autoimmune diseases is to create a supportive community. Living with an autoimmune disease can be incredibly isolating and challenging, both physically and emotionally. By coming together as a community, we can provide support, share information, and advocate for our needs. When we work together, we can create hope and drive meaningful change.

Get Involved During Autoimmune Awareness Month and Beyond

Everyone can play a role in raising awareness, and small actions can add up to make a big impact. Whether it’s sharing information on social media, starting conversations with friends and family, or holding a fundraiser, there are many ways to raise our voices to help increase understanding, advance research, and create hope for those living with autoimmune disease.

Visit our Autoimmune Awareness Month page to learn more about autoimmune disease and browse the opportunities below to help us move toward a better tomorrow. Just a few ways you can help include:

  • Follow the Autoimmune Association on social media. During Autoimmune Awareness Month, follow our social media channels for more information, like risk factors, symptoms, what to do if you think you have an autoimmune disease, personal stories, and so much more. Share our posts with your network!
    Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   LinkedIn   TikTok   YouTube
  • View, share, and participate in Autoimmune Expressions. All month long, we’re featuring people living with autoimmune disease who express their journey through art. View the Autoimmune Expressions gallery for amazing  art created by the autoimmune community and find out how to submit your own work.
    > View the gallery
  • Spread awareness among your network. During Autoimmune Awareness Month, you can help us spread awareness! Download our social media toolkit with sample posts and graphics that you can share on your own social media pages.
    > Get the toolkit
  • Host a fundraiser. Autoimmune Awareness Month is a great time to call upon your network to give for the greater good. Download our Grassroots Fundraising Guide to access great tips for hosting a grassroots fundraiser to support the mission of the Autoimmune Association.
    > Get the guide

Let’s join together to raise awareness to fuel the fight for research, better treatments, and cures.


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