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Find your stride living with an autoimmune disease

You’re an autoimmune warrior and we’re proud to stand with you!

Living with autoimmune disease

You’ve begun to learn the ropes living with an autoimmune disease and managing the ups and downs that come with it. What should you do next? Get involved with the Autoimmune Association, connect with other autoimmune warriors, and consider sharing your own story!


Patient Support

Living with an autoimmune disease can bring with it feelings of confusion, anxiety, uncertainty, and more. You are not alone in these feelings, nor this journey. Your family at the Autoimmune Association is here to assist with tools and resources along the way.

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Caregiver Support

Caring for someone with an autoimmune disease can affect you too. Find out what to expect if you become a caregiver for someone with an autoimmune disease, and just as importantly, get tips to help you care for yourself.

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Managing your wellness

Living with an autoimmune disease can be complex, stressful, and exhausting. While self care looks different for everyone, these tips can get you started to figure out what works best for you.

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Team Building

Get involved

Whether it’s advocacy work, volunteering, or attending an event, the Autoimmune Association has ways for everyone to learn more about autoimmune diseases and make a difference!

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What’s happening in autoimmune research

The Autoimmune Association convenes scientists, physicians, and researchers from across disciplines to explore the root cause of autoimmunity in an effort to unlock breakthrough treatments and someday, cures.

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You’re not in this alone

For many, the reminder that they are not alone in their experiences with autoimmune disease can be invaluable. Share your story to make an impact and raise awareness.

Share Your Story

Shade’ M.

"I believe there is power in numbers. If people are still asking what an autoimmune disease is, then we still have work ...

Brianna E.

Celiac disease
"It is important to collectively unite as we learn more about potential cures; a cure for one autoimmune disease might l...

Jocelyn K.

Multiple sclerosis
"Awareness is important because there are so many different autoimmune diseases, but it really is all under one umbrella...

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