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Hope Champions Circle

You are a Champion! Will you join us?

Join the Autoimmune Association family today by becoming a Hope Champion! When you give $500 or more, you become a Hope Champion — a special person making a difference in the fight against autoimmune disease and providing hope for those who need it the most.
Donor Benefits

Hope Champions Circle donors receive the following benefits:

  • Gratification and joy that comes from offering much-needed hope to millions of people and making a significant impact on the future of autoimmune disease.
  • Recognition of your contribution on the Autoimmune Association’s website and in the annual report.
  • Exclusive updates on the impact of your generosity, so you can see first-hand how your donation is making a difference in the lives of those affected by autoimmune disease.
  • Virtual Meet & Greet with our president and CEO,  giving you the chance to personally connect with the Autoimmune Association team, fellow donors, and other individuals bringing hope.
  • VIP Access to the annual Autoimmune Community Summit and opportunity to interact with researchers, scientists, and healthcare professionals and learn about the latest advancements.
  • An opportunity to share your donor story with the autoimmune community through the Raising Hope blog, e-newsletters, and other communication channels. 
  • Commemorative Hope Champions Circle magnet to showcase your commitment to supporting those living with autoimmune disease. 

For $41.67 per month, you can be a Hope Champion.

Or make your one-time payment of $500 or more. The choice is yours. 

Thank You to Our Hope Champions!

  • Aizaz Akram
  • Akiva Flesher
  • Alex Turner Giving Fund
  • Amit Punwani
  • Amy and Randall Colthorpe
  • Andrew and Maryan Dunnet
  • Ann Brouse
  • Ann Miller
  • Baileys Family Foundation
  • Barrett Family Charitable Fund
  • Becky Cuthbertson
  • Belovsky Family Foundation
  • Brenda Stalewski
  • Caleb Powers
  • Cameron and Kelli McPhee
  • Casaundra Lindsey
  • Charles Wofford
  • Cheryl Manning-Shaub
  • Cummings Christensen Family Foundation
  • Cycle PBC LLC.
  • Deanna Irving
  • Dr. James D. Barrie and Dr. Leslie Ann Momoda
  • Dr. Laura and Lawrence Josephs
  • Ed and Judy Christian
  • Elizabeth Niemeyer
  • Ellen Hipsky
  • Giuila Arencibia
  • Indie Lee
  • Irene Sang
  • James Healy
  • Jeanne Russell
  • Jeffrey & Magali Davenhall
  • Joan Kacmar
  • John Newsome
  • John and Barbara Wehling
  • John and Gail Maloney
  • Judith Bellin
  • Kamaljeet Singh
  • Kenneth April
  • Kim Gaskill
  • Kim Rodriguez
  • Kurt and Deirdre Knight Fund
  • Lana and Anne Sims
  • Leslie Alice Dorn
  • Lilly Stairs
  • Linda Oszust
  • Lindsay Wagner
  • Loretta Florio
  • Lori Ann Demple 
  • Lynn and Steve Kieffer
  • Mark & Cindy Combs
  • Mary Kimball
  • Mason Mitcham
  • Matthew Bishop
  • McGrath Family Charitable Fund
  • Michael Deitch
  • Michael Fugate
  • Mirta Avila Santos
  • Molly Murray
  • Mr. & Mrs. Philip M. Purcell
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hecker
  • Nancy Kutilek
  • Nancy and Mike Grillot
  • Nathan Bowers
  • Neil Walker and Tricia Lundrigan
  • North Yonkers Community Church 
  • Patricia Nettleship
  • Patrick Niemeyer
  • Peter and Barbara Goetz
  • Ravi Gaonkar
  • Robert A. Waller Foundation
  • Robert and Doris Clark
  • Ronnie and Robyn Clark
  • Rosa Ramirez-Eaton
  • Scott Williams
  • Shannon Marold
  • Sloane Salzburg
  • Sravan Kundurthi
  • Steve and Laura Martin Charitable Fund
  • Teena Cadwell
  • The Bivi Foundation
  • The Robinson Family Charitable Fund
  • Theodore & Karin Mayer Family Foundation
  • Timothy and Wendy Foliano
  • Vicki Tolari
  • Virginia Ladd
  • Walter Stearns
  • William Padnos & Margery Kaye

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the levels of giving required to be a Hope Champion?

With your gift of $500 or more, you are considered a Hope Champion. Donors who contribute $1,000, $2,500, $5,000 or higher are eligible for additional benefits.

2. Can I pay my gift monthly?

Yes, you can make monthly or quarterly payments on your Hope Champion commitment.

3. Can my gift renew automatically each year?

Yes, you can set up your commitment to renew annually via credit card or automatic debit from your bank account.

4. Why is my donation essential?

Your donation is essential because it helps us serve patients, promote research, advocate for access to healthcare, and foster collaboration to identify and explore common threads that link autoimmune disease. Thanks to donors like you, we can continue this important work that impacts countless lives.

5. Where can I get more information?

For more information, please contact Amanda Stevens at [email protected].