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Am Gmos Leaky Gut Inflammation

GMOs, Leaky Gut & Inflammation: You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

What was the original intent of genetic modification for food production?

Companies that sell seeds, fertilizers, bug killers and weed killers argue that food production is their greatest objective.  They often make claims about the increased yield or production of a crop as a result of their work — after all, aren’t they just trying to feed the world?

There are numerous aspects of genetically modified plants and animals, such as texture, growth rate, need for water and even color of the plant – for example, looking ripe when it’s not.  But the most common genetic modification is Roundup Ready.  Whether it’s soy, canola oil from rape seed, cotton, wheat, sugar beets, corn, maze, cotton as well as many other crops, genetic modification was designed to make plant grow when sprayed with a weed killer, Roundup.

How do genetically modified foods affect those with autoimmune disease?

What has happened is quite different.  Now, most scientists agree that the altered genetic for Roundup Ready also alters the molecular structure of the key nutrients, fats, sugars, and proteins of the plant.  These foreign molecules can trigger immune response, inflammation and pain.

Other research confirms that eating GM foods alters our genes, most specifically triggering our inability burn sugar correctly, making us fatter.  According to research from the University of California and Washington State University, GMO plants are sicker, requiring more pesticide and fertilizers to grow.  This results in plants that might look the same, but with very little nutrition and covered in chemicals.  And now some weeds have “naturally” mutated to resist Roundup, some requiring nearly four times their recommended application rate to be effective.

The active ingredient in Roundup is glyphosates, which interrupts the shikimate pathway, which is involved with the synthesis of the essential aromatic amino acids, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan.  Since this pathway is not directly found in humans, glyphosate was believed to not harm humans.  However, the increase use of glyphosate going into our water supplies and the actual residue amounts on plants that we eat do have known harm to humans.

Glyphosate interferes with cytochrome P450 (CYP), an enzyme necessary for the human body to detox, and without adequate detox pathways, oxidation and disease processes occur faster.  Another feature of  CYP is how the good bacteria in our digestive tract functions to convert or process foods into necessary amino acids, hormones, neurotransmitters and many other components critical for good health.  Instead of looking at glyphosate as a direct poison, it should be considered how it starts a chain reaction to starving the body from critical nutrient processes and inducing leaky gut.

Dr. Nancy Swanson has a Ph.D. in physics, holds five U.S. patents and has authored more than 30 scientific papers and two books on women in science.  She has done extensive research on the effects of glyphosate and their link to autism associated with the destruction of  probiotics.

What does natural health recommend to counteract GMOs?

In natural health, we look at the symptoms and think back through the processes for nutrients that should be in place to prevent the condition.  Recently, I was having a very detailed conversation with a medical doctor who oversees clinical trials.  We were discussing how many diabetic medications work on cellular signals, and some work at forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin.  I mentioned a particular drug and asked which action that drug had.  He replied, it makes the pancreas push out more insulin until it gives up, and that’s why insulin is often necessary to be prescribed, because the pancreas fails.  He was very familiar with the space age technology of how analog insulin is manufactured.  I asked if he knew what specific nutrients the pancreas needs to produce insulin so it would not give out.  In other words, what would support and revitalize pancreas function.  He said that he would have to look that up.  I said I could show him some herbal, mineral supplements that do just that.

You see, all processes in our body need nutrients.  But, nutrients still need hydration, pH controls, enzymes and other digestive fluids in the upper GI, and probiotics in the small and large intestines to be correctly processed into the building blocks for all functions to occur correctly.  With the volume of GMO crops and natural pollination, it is hard to truly difficult to absolutely avoid GMOs.  Supporting good health through hydration, probiotic and other supplementation goes a long way toward giving your body the resources it needs to stay ahead of the game.


About the Author
Carl Schmidt, ND, CNHP completed a Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health, Certified Natural Health Professional through the National Association of CNHP, Inc.  He completed continuing education from Bridgeport College of Chiropractics Continuing Education Studies under the supervision of Apex Energetic Seminars Department in Functional Blood Chemistry, Auto-immunity, Digestive Health and Hormonal Imbalances.  He’s a master herbals and is an avid reader and researcher.  He has had the privilege to integrate supplement, diet and various wellness venues for patients  with  medical professionals in the areas,  general practice, rheumatology, psychiatry, physical therapist, dietetics,  and home health care.  Carl films TV shows monthly and is often a guest on several radio shows.  He offer a refreshing common sense approach to better health through various testing methods where he  implements and monitors diet, meal replacements, supplements and  hydration.

This blog post was originally published by, written by Carl Schmidt, and first published on Nov 22, 2013.

This post contains the opinions of the author. Autoimmune Association is not a medical practice and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is your responsibility to seek diagnosis, treatment, and advice from qualified providers based on your condition and particular circumstances. Autoimmune Association does not endorse nor recommend any products, practices, treatment methods, tests, physicians, service providers, procedures, clinical trials, opinions or information available on this website. Your use of the website is subject to our Privacy Policy.

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