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Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook Fundraising Information

The ever-expanding scope and depth of social media have been a wonderful tool for autoimmune disease patients to be able to connect and find community. For AARDA, it has been a useful tool for us to try to increase awareness, advocacy and expand understanding and education about autoimmune disease.

More recently Facebook fundraisers have shown us the incredible generosity from our followers and the autoimmune disease community. While most donations made are around $20, collectively they have made a huge impact. We are truly grateful for every dollar that we receive. The funding we have received has enabled Autoimmune Association to further fund our programming and advance our mission.

Facebook Fundraiser Information

  • Facebook takes no fees from your donation to AARDA.
  • Autoimmune Association receives 100% of the contributions you make through Facebook.
  • Facebook offers one time and monthly donations, make sure you select the choice you want.
  • You will get a receipt sent to you via email (the one linked to your Facebook profile).
  • The payment and processing are handled through Facebook. You can contact Facebook about your donation at

Many people select Autoimmune Association as their fundraiser of choice for their birthdays. We are honored to be included in so many celebrations of life and love. You can start a fundraiser for any reason at any time. You can also add a donation link for Autoimmune Association on a Facebook post, or a donation sticker on your Instagram story.

Don’t have an account with Facebook but still want to help us fundraise? Contact us for information on Grassroots fundraising information.

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