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Webinar Dpr Highlights

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

On October 30, 2018, Autoimmune Association hosted its first webinar “The Doctor-Patient Relationship”. For those who were unable to attend you can find the full content of the presentation here.


We are so grateful to Dr. Santos for being our guest and providing us with insights on the physician’s perspective on the doctor-patient relationship. Being an autoimmune disease patient is hard enough on its own. Having your health care team on your side and working with you means better outcomes and better health.


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Here are some highlights from the webinar:

  • Come on time and prepared for your appointments
    • To get the most out of yours and your physicians time
  • Being prepared means…
    • Understand why you are at the appointment, or why you have been referred
    • Have all of your medications with you, or a complete list
    • Any questions or concerns written down or mentally prepared so as to not forget them
    • Any records or documentation needed (you may want to verify in advance if you do not physically have them)
  • Do not hesitate to find a new doctor or get a second opinion
    • Both the doctor and patient need to actively work together for the relationship to work
  • Autoimmune diseases are complex and difficult to diagnose and manage
    • Make sure your being seen by someone who knows about the autoimmune disease
    • There are no simple solutions, but diet, exercise, sleep, and stress can play big factors in coping with autoimmune disease


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Please see the video or download the slides for more details. We’d love to have your feedback, simply click here!


Join for our next webinar, “Self-Advocacy & Clinical Trials” Thursday, November 15th



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