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Autoimmune Expressions Submission

Autoimmune Expressions showcases stories from people living with autoimmune disease, advocates, family, friends, and others in a creative, unique, and interactive way. We invite you to share your experiences through the self-expression medium of your choice. Write your story, draw your feelings, express your story on video – it’s up to you!

Ideas include:

  • Creative writing
  • Poetry
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Mixed media art
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Sculpting
  • Anything you can imagine!

Why Participate?

  • Self-expression through art is an excellent form of emotional release
  • Sharing your story can create a feeling of empowerment
  • Your experience can provide comfort and inspiration to others who are on a similar journey
  • Contribute to building a strong, supportive community


  • Please limit written files to 1,000 words
  • Please limit video and audio files to under 2 minutes
  • Please refrain from using profanity and nudity

Submission Form

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Display Information

The following information will be displayed along with your art on the Autoimmune Expressions webpage. Please enter the information as you would like it to appear. For your name, you may choose to enter your first name only, first name and last initial, or first name and last name.

Accepted file types: doc, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, mp4, wmv, Max. file size: 50 MB.

Terms and Conditions

In these Standard Terms and Conditions, "Your Content" shall mean any audio, video, text, images, or other material you provide or display. By providing Your Content, you grant the Autoimmune Association a license to read, use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, translate, and distribute it in our marketing materials and to all media. Your Content must be your own and must not invade any third‐party's rights. When you submit content or information to the Autoimmune Association it means that you are allowing the public to access and use that information, and to associate it with you. The Autoimmune Association reserves the right to remove Your Content at any time, without notice. We take your privacy very seriously. Subject to the Terms and Conditions above, the Autoimmune Association will never sell or disclose your personal information.

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