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Let Me Out

Let Me Out

Marla Nolan
Burney, CA
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Raynaud’s, Adrenal Insufficiency

My name is Marla Nolan (@Rheum2Cre8Art on Instagram) and I have had Rheumatoid disease for 34 years. As autoimmune disease goes, I’ve also developed Hashimoto’s, Raynaud’s, Osteoporosis, and Adrenal Insufficiency. So my constant companions are severe pain, fatigue, and depression.

I started painting in 2019 in watercolor about 3 years after becoming disabled from my beloved job as Pharmacist which at the time felt devastating. With painting, I am able to find relief from my pain and disability. Painting is a meditative joy! I paint as I can and spend time each day while resting reading about art, drawing out compositions on Procreate, or watching videos and documentaries. I hope I can encourage others to seek out art as a form of therapy/relief, and put some beauty out into the world for others to enjoy. This painting from my imagination is me in pain stuck inside looking out at a somewhere I want to be (the base of #BurneyFalls) but am not strong enough to get to.