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Keep Shining Thumb

Keep Shining

Lisa Sniderman
San Mateo, CA
Dermatomyositis, Primary Immunodeficiency/Common Variable Immune Deficiency

Before the closing of my live show Dec 2018, performers came together as a group and sang a new song I wrote for the event “Keep Shining,” an expressive anthem inspired by artists’ stories and a powerful, poignant reminder to never give up. While I voiced my inner fears, doubts, questions and insecurities, our live performers kept repeating the chorus to “Keep Shining” as a powerful, uplifting counterpoint. I collaborated with our ‘lights in the darkness’ community, where 20+ artists contributed their voices. What I didn’t realize until creating the video in 2019, is that this song was also my own story, inspired by my transformations struggling with rare chronic illness (dermatomyositis), disability and recovery. It was also the first time I allowed myself to let the hard feelings in-to acknowledge my own pain-my darkness from when I was in the hospital 9 years earlier. To start to grieve my illness… It was then I realized, oh my God–this video is my story, but I forgot to grieve…