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Iron Camelias

Iron Camelias

Connie Montgomery
Pawleys Island, SC
Pemphigus Vulgaris

Iron Camellias:

They flourish in the cooler season,
Camellias buds start to emerge when
the temperatures dip lower than usual.
It is through this change in weather they become hardy and resilient. Oh do not let these flowers appearance fool you. These iron -like florals are steeped in strength and divinely designed to withstand cold winds that would destroy other petals. Look closely and see their strength like those of us in the autoimmune community; our strength is not surface deep. It is forge in difficult and different seasons like coal being pressured into diamonds. Iron Camelias, Steel Magnolias and Gold Pansies all dance to the beat of their own drummers and thrive beautifully in their seasons. It ‘s the inner loveliness that radiates outward; just like in all rare gems. Our brilliance, splendor and God -given -gifts shine in humanity much the same when we look beyond the superficial parts of a human being. Invest time in getting to know folks you may find Iron Camelias.