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Faces of War

Faces of War

Clarissa and Vanessa Parry
Las Vegas, NV
Celiac Disease

Long before we knew we had Celiac Disease, we as a mother/daughter artist team painted this and many other paintings. Both of us had painted our own paintings for our local fair. People kept asking both of us, why did you paint all those faces? We said, what faces? So, we combined our two paintings into this oil, 2001, 6′ x 4′ x 2″ Analyzing what this painting means: the faces are the many gluten attacks we’ve experienced! In addition, we searched for Mother and Daughter Artist Teams and could not find any to study, so in 2000, we contacted the “National Museum of Women Artists” who could not find any M&D Teams and we were requested to be archived into the “National Museum of Women Artists.”