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Anti Anti Aging

Anti Anti-Aging

Bexi (Rebecca) Lobo

Autoimmune disease affects women more than men & occurs when your immune cells, which are supposed to protect you, attack you.

Women, more than men, are pressured by the beauty industry &, consequently, society to fight their own biology & attack themselves in order to look young & flawless, an unattainable beauty “ideal” that’s harmful to mental, emotional, & physical health.

As a child, teenager, & young adult, I dreamed of having young & flawless skin like my peers. But, eczema & Sjogren’s made my skin look wrinkly, weepy, scabbed, crusted, flaky, pimply, scarred, & anything but young & flawless. I hated my skin, &, by default, hated myself.

It’s only when I bucked the beauty “ideal”, chose to work with, instead of against, my biology, & cared for my skin with compassion & acceptance that my skin finally healed & my health improved.

I wrote “Anti Anti-Aging” to get women, especially those with autoimmune disease, to rethink their approach to caring for their skin & themselves.