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Am The Personal Story Of A Mom Of Twins Diagnosed With M S

The Personal Story of a Mom of Twins Diagnosed with M.S.

In 2006 when my twins were five months old, I was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (M.S.). I was/am still able to drive and that was great. Then in 2008, the epilepsy from my childhood returned. I have read that epilepsy can be a symptom of M.S. I receive M.S. newsletters every month and I research on how to heal myself since my neurologist only wants to drug me.

My doctor told me M.S. will not show up while pregnant, it shows up after pregnancy. This is when my eyes became ‘fussy’ and I was not able to walk straight. I thought I was just hungry or vertigo. Well, it turns out it was none of these symptoms. Of course, once I found out what the real problem was, I was crying and in denial. Well, I am still in denial today. The denial keeps me going as if nothing is wrong with me. If it were not for the seizures, which I have not had since February, I would still be driving.

In the beginning of being diagnosed, I researched like crazy online. I was looking for new ways to eat and especially a way to be cured/healed from this very unwelcome illness. You see, I prefer calling this ‘disease’ an illness. Sure it is semantics, but the word ‘disease’ seems to have a bad connotation. Also, my parents remind me I do not have this M.S. disease, but the symptoms.

Honestly, I really do not see the difference here. Nonetheless, I do not claim this illness as ‘mine’. When I read, listen or hear someone talking about ‘their or mine’ disease, I ask them how come they are calling it their disease? It is not their disease. The thing that bothers me most is the ‘medical industry’ that reminds patients that the disease in their body is ‘theirs’. Do not claim any disease as theirs/yours. Once you claim a disease as yours, you are giving Satan the power he wants.

From the time I was diagnosed, I was researching all over the Internet for a cure. Well, up until now, I have not found one. Although, there are a couple of very expensive, what do you call them, herbalists, who say ‘they’ have a cure for M.S. Sure my life is important to me, but not at their prices.

The two main websites I get newsletters from are from The Health Ranger (Mike Adams) of Natural News and Dr. Mercola. Both these people really share some amazing information on all health topics. They talk about what we can do to fix this or that and stay or get healthy. Both of these people especially talk about vaccines, aspartame poisoning, fluoride, etc. They say all these are chemicals only meant to do me harm and I believe it. I have stopped vaccinating, stopped drinking any sodas (they all have aspartame/msg) and using fluoride laden toothpaste.

Along with these two websites above, I began receiving the National M.S. Society newsletter and some other ones. Oh, I was on the PatientsLikeMe website for a while. I was not happy with that website at all. Before leaving that website, I asked this question: “How come all you care about is the type of drugs patients are on and how many relapses they have had? How about talking about their diets, what they eat that is making their bodies act this way. Why aren’t you looking for a real cure?”

Well, this website never contacted me, and I was okay with that. So, this is still my question today. How come my neurologist, and probably yours, never talks about your diet and how the foods we eat and drink are harming the myelin sheath, axons, spinal cord and so on? I will tell you way, money. The doctors only make money when they have their patients on M.S. drugs. There is not money in being cured.

For about a year now, I have been receiving emails from Ivy Larson. Ivy Larson has a website called Clean Cuisine and More. Ivy Larson says she was diagnosed with M.S. and she no longer has it. I do my best to follow her recommendations. She lives in Florida and has way more food resources than I do. Although, I do live in the Central Valley, CA and should have just as many food resources as she does.

So 6.5 years later, I still have good vision, can walk without help, talk and write. Every morning before getting out of bed, I used to say this prayer: “Thank you Lord Jesus for letting me get out of bed this morning, for being able to walk on my feet, my legs and see with my eyes and hold my precious twins.” Sometimes I still say this prayer. It is not as if I do not mean it, it just slips my mind.

On a side note:
When I was a little girl, I remember my dad walking around my home saying, “Twice babies, Twice babies.” I had no idea what this meant. So I asked my dad what “Twice babies” meant and he said, “Twins.” My grandma had twins in 1954, but they did not survive. Well, ever since that time, as a little girl, I began praying for twins.

I did not know at that time, but I actually had a pretty good chance of having twins since fraternal twins are on the paternal side of the family. My sister never prayed for twins, so I knew my prayers would probably be answered. I think I stopped praying my sophomore year in high school. Not because I did not want twins anymore, I just forgot to pray.

Okay, so fast forward to 2002. I had just graduated in December from CSU and I was ready to start a family. I had just turned 32 and it seemed like it took forever for me to conceive. Well, in my human eyes, it did. In God’s eyes, I conceived right on time. Before conceiving, I began to doubt God, sad to say. I regret I ever did because my God is good to His word and He hears all my prayers.

I think it was in the early part of 2005 when my friend from church and I went out for lunch. While at lunch, she told me the Lord had told her I was going to be pregnant. I had been complaining that my prayers were not being answered. Well, in April 2005, I conceived and was pregnant! Oh I was so excited. I had taken the home pregnancy test and my husband wanted to make sure, this time that we were pregnant. So went to my OB and she confirmed my pregnancy.

A couple weeks later, while at church, my friend again told me I was going to have twins. She said when she was two weeks pregnant; she did not show yet at all. In fact, she said she did begin showing until six months. I was going to my OB for an official sonogram on Monday and that is when she said I was having twins. Oh I was so excited because the Lord had answered my childhood prayer.

My twins were born prematurely in November 2005. They came into the world at 32 weeks. Twin “A” weighing 3.8oz 17in and Twin “B” weighing 3.13oz and 16in. My babies are fraternal twin girls and they were in the NICU for two weeks. I was only allowed one week in the hospital with them. It certainly was strange seeing my twins arrive in the world so quickly. The adjustment process was something I would never take back though. The one thing I do wish I could reverse is a disease I only heard about.


About the Author
Monica is married to the most amazing husband. She has fraternal twin girls, is a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer. She has been writing freelance since May 2007 on her two blogs, TwiceBabiesMom and AllThingsHomemade.

This blog post was originally published by, written by Monica, and first published on Aug 10, 2012.

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