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Same Condition, Different Costs

This spring, Autoimmune Association sponsored an online survey of autoimmune disease patients. One of the key findings was that almost nine of every 10 of those who responded said they wanted the president and Congress to work together to stop health insurance company policies, such as “step therapy” (forcing patients to use cheaper drugs until they are proven ineffective before approving coverage of a more expensive medicine), that stand between patients and their physicians. The same survey showed extremely high concerns over expensive co-pays for prescription drugs.

This topic is going to be explored in even greater detail next Tuesday, July 18, in a webinar hosted by the National Pharmaceutical Council (NPC). The webinar, “Same Condition, Different Drugs: Should Patients Pay Different Amounts?” will feature experts from NPC, the Midwest Business Group on Health, and Solid Benefits Guidance, as well as the director of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design.

There are critical issues involved here. As medical science continues to achieve breakthroughs in developing more effective treatments for autoimmune diseases, we need a health insurance system that creates innovative avenues to make those medications affordable and accessible for patients and values the doctor/patient relationship. The NPC webinar will delve into these issues and discuss why an insurance system that forces patients with similar conditions to confront vastly different cost challenges simply isn’t acceptable. We encourage you to take part.

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